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Here Lies Henry

Here Lies Henry ()

Produced by

Da Da Kamera

Presented by

Buddies in Bad Times Theatre

Playwright: Daniel MacIvor
Director: Daniel Brooks


The Alexander Street Chamber Theatre


September 19th, 2006 – October 15th, 2006


An idyllic SORT OF miserable SORT OF nightmarish SORT OF story book SORT OF remarkable SORT OF regular SORT OF story. A man alone in a room with a mission to tell you something you don’t already know.

With Here Lies Henry, MacIvor gives voice to the character of Henry, a self-confessed liar. Henry rambles with a mixture of energy and fun. He’s a thirty-something optimist who ponders the meaning and pointlessness of life. He begins slowly by revealing things about himself, such as his childhood, his homosexuality, and his lies. He claims his assignment is to tell the audience something they don’t already know. Since Henry is a professional liar, it’s difficult to distinguish between his lies and the truth. Presented in a minimalist style familiar to da da kamera audiences, one actor, light and sound combine to give an atmosphere of intimacy breaking down the fourth wall and making the audience feel like they are part of the drama. That is to say, making them feel like they are part of Henry’s world  which of course, they are. MacIvor cannily distills the human condition and seesaws hilariously between truth and lies, and more lies. (, 2006).



Daniel MacIvor Performer

Creative Team

Daniel MacIvor Playwright
Daniel Brooks Director
Daniel Brooks Dramaturge
Richard Feren Sound Composer
Andy Moro Lighting


Andy Moro Technical Director
Sherrie Johnson Producer
Richard Feren Sound Operator
Michael Laird Sound Operator
Lucinda Wallace Graphic Designer
Guntar Kravis Photography
Lindsay Ellis Assistant to the Producer


Charissa Wilcox Head of Production
Adrien Whan Technical Director
Aiden Nagle Chamber Technician