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Guntar Kravis

Graphic Designer, Photographer

Graphic Designer

A Whistle in the Dark () Graphic Designer (Poster / Postcard)


The Watershed () Original Production Photographer
Belleville () Photographer
The Last Days of Judas Iscariot () Photographer
Festen () Photographer
A Nanking Winter () Photographer
Age of Arousal () Photographer


Legs Crossed Hands On Your Lap () Photography
DINK () Photography
Fortune and Men's Eyes () Photography
Gruesome Playground Injuries () Photography
The Test () Show Photography
Assassins () Photography
Soulseek () Photography
Assassins () Photography
Marion Bridge () Photography
House () Photography
Monster () Photography
Here Lies Henry () Photography
A Beautiful View () Photography

Production Photographer

Someone Else () Production Photographer
Seeds () Production Photographer