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Soulseek ()

Produced by

Birdland Theatre

Playwright: Ognen Georgievski
Director: Stefan Dzeparoski


Walmer Centre Theatre


October 14th, 2010 – October 23rd, 2010


SoulSeek is a bold and surreal new work about the journey of one woman’s soul and the search for the meaning of love in a place she never expected to find herself. A sweeping account of the challenges we face in a world where our digital traces are saved for eternity, it is a refreshingly multidimensional and funny account of finding the true nature of our memories. Combining electronic, base driven music with video and theatre, SoulSeek is a multimedia tale about a woman bent on reinventing her own destiny – and possibly the world. (


Zorana Kydd Vita
André Sills Morpheus
David Ferry Terry
Janet Porter Death Goddess

Creative Team

Ognen Georgievski Playwright
Stefan Dzeparoski Director
Camellia Koo Set Designer
Jamie Nesbitt Projection Designer
Boris Mojsovski Media Designer
Erika Connor Costume Designer
Richard Feren Sound Designer
Gareth Crew Lighting Designer
Stefan Dzeparoski Lighting Designer
Boris Mojsovski Lighting Designer


Erin Fitzgerald Stage Manager
Matthew Byrne Production Manager
Amber Archbell Rehearsal Stage Manager
Erika Rueter Publicist
Guntar Kravis Photography
Slavko Eror Graphic Designer
Zorana Kydd Artistic Producer
Michael Rubinstein Assistant Producer
Rebecca Vandevelde Projection Operator