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Erika Rueter

Marketing, Marketing and Publicity Manager, Publicist


I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change () Marketing/Publicity Manager
Ordinary Days () Marketing
Dianne and Me () Marketing
I Love You Because () Marketing
Waiting for the Dawn () Marketing Assistance
Nearly Lear () Marketing


Ordinary Days () Publicity Manager
Dianne and Me () Publicity Manager
I Love You Because () Publicity Manager
The Atomic Weight of Happiness () Publicity
Songs for a New World () Publicist
Paper SERIES () Publicist
Assassins () Publicity
Spent () Publicity
Soulseek () Publicist
Ali & Ali: The Deportation Hearings () Publicist
[title of show] () Publicist
Twelfth Night () Publicity
A Taste of Empire () Publicist
The Last Five Years () Publicist
Assassins () Publicity
Macbeth Reflected () Publicity
Altar Boyz () Publicist
The Universal Wolf () Publicity
Katherine Mansfield () Publicity
Never Man's Land () Publicity
Nearly Lear () Publicity


Angelwalk Theatre Marketing and Publicity Manager