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Katherine Mansfield ()

Produced by

Theatre Smith-Gilmour

Created by Michele Smith and Dean Gilmour in collaboration with the Company


Factory Studio Theatre


March 14th, 2009 – April 5th, 2009


The Daughters of the Late Colonel lived life as if in a tunnel and realized too late that life might have been different. In Prelude,Lottie, Kezia, Pip and Raggs go to see how the “Kings of Ireland” cut off the head of a duck. Carnation: Katie fantasizes about the workman just outside of the classroom window while Mister Hugo reads a little French poetry. Finally, in Six Years After, as the little steamer pushes forward through the desolate rain and cold, a woman cannot forget that her son is dead and there is nothing she can do for him. (


Michele Smith Performer
Dean Gilmour Performer
Claire Calnan Performer
Adam Paolozza Performer

Creative Team

Michele Smith Creator
Dean Gilmour Creator
Dean Gilmour Director
Michele Smith Director
Kimberly Purtell Lighting Designer
Andjelija Djuric Set Designer
Andjelija Djuric Costume Designer


Veronica Formosa Stage Manager
Katherine Smith Production Manager
Susie J Production Assistant
Adrien Whan Crew
Jazz Kamal Crew
David Couture Crew
David Leyes Photographer
Erika Rueter Publicity
Jackie McAlpine Graphic Designer


Jamie Monteiro Venue Technician