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Jazz Kamal

Cabaret Technician, Carpenter, Crew, Lighting Designer, Production Assistant, Stage Manager, Technician, Venue Technician

Carpentry Crew

Wide Awake Hearts () Carpentry Crew


Body Politic () Crew
The 20th of November () Crew
Tom at the Farm () Crew
The Stronger Variations () Crew
Brotherhood: The Hip Hopera () Crew
The Femme Playlist () Crew
Dinner at Seven-Thirty () Technical Crew
PIG () Crew
BOBLO () Crew
The Normal Heart () Crew
The Normal Heart () Crew
The Maids () Crew
Agokwe () Crew
300 Tapes () Crew
The Silicone Diaries () Crew
Pu-Erh () Load-in Crew
Neon Nightz () Crew
Dedicated to the Revolutions () Crew
Katherine Mansfield () Crew
[boxhead] () Crew
Agokwe () Crew
The Mansfield Project () Crew
Art Fag () Crew

Lighting Designer

Lela & Co. () Lighting Designer
Situational Anarchy () Lighting
Oasis Love () Lighting Designer
The Femme Playlist () Lighting Designer

Production Assistant

Fishbowl: A Concise, Expansive Theory of Everything () Production Assistant

Production Crew

Blasted () Production Crew

Stage Manager

#KanderAndEbb () Stage Manager


No Strings (Attached) () Cabaret Technician

Venue Technician

Situational Anarchy () Venue Technician
Oasis Love () Venue Technician
#KanderAndEbb () Venue Technician
The Love Crimes of Frances Lark () Cabaret Technician
Fear and Desire (and the whole damn thing) () Venue Technician
Big in Germany () Venue Technician
Spin () Cabaret Technician
The Boys in the Band () Venue Technician
The Vagina Monologues () Venue Technician


Buddies in Bad Times Theatre Cabaret Technician (2010-2016)