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Fishbowl: A Concise, Expansive Theory of Everything ()

Playwright: Mark Shyzer
Director: Evalyn Parry


The Alexander Street Cabaret Space


April 1st, 2009 – April 12th, 2009


 A one-man show written and performed by Mark Shyzer in which he plays five different characters. Billed as “a collision of quantum physics and cutting social satire,” the production examines five characters in search of meaning and connection who make an unexpected collision in the dark. Caustic comedy ensues between a nerdy high school genius, a pregnant jazzercise instructor, a hormonal teenaged hipster, a middle-aged barfly, and a retired physics teacher. ( 


Mark Shyzer Performer

Creative Team

Mark Shyzer Playwright
Evalyn Parry Director
Katherine Smith Lighting Designer
Evalyn Parry Costume Designer
Mark Shyzer Costume Designer
Adrien Whan Matter Transporter Design & Construction
Charissa Wilcox Matter Transporter Design & Construction
Katherine Smith Matter Transporter Design & Construction


Tonya Timmons Stage Manager
Jazz Kamal Production Assistant
Adrien Whan Sound Effect Support
Jonathan Kitchen Graphic Designer
Tanja-Tiziana Photography
Charissa Wilcox Fish Care
Katherine Smith Fish Care


Katherine Smith House Technician
Charissa Wilcox Head of Production
Adrien Whan Technical Director
Katherine Smith Technician