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Katherine Smith

Animal Wrangler, Carpenter, Crew, Lighting Designer, Lighting Technician, Production Coordinator, Production Manager, Prop Designer, Set Builder, Set Designer, Technical Director, Technician, Venue Technician

Animal Wrangler

Fishbowl: A Concise, Expansive Theory of Everything () Fish Care

Assistant Carpenter

Forests () Assistant Carpenter
After Akhmatova () Assistant Carpenter
The Misanthrope () Assistant Carpenter

Associate Set Designer

Of a Monstrous Child: A Gaga Musical () Associate Set Designer


Stockholm () Carpenter
The Penelopiad () Carpenter
A Month in the Country () Carpenter
Jitters () Carpenter
Oh What a Lovely War () Carpenter
The Ecstasy of Mother Teresa or: Agnes Bojaxhiu Superstar () Scenic Carpenter
Leni Riefenstahl vs the 20th Century () Scenic Carpentry

Carpentry Crew

Forests () Carpentry Crew
Wide Awake Hearts () Carpentry Crew
The Year of Magical Thinking () Carpentry Crew


The Normal Heart () Crew
Agokwe () Crew
The Silicone Diaries () Crew
[boxhead] () Crew
A Crooked Man () Crew


Stockholm () Electrician

Festival Lighting Designer

A Midsummer Night's Dream... A Puppet Epic! () Festival Lighting Designer
The Secret Life of Walter Manny () Festival Lighting Designer
The Happiest Place on Earth () Festival Lighting Designer
Stay With Me () Festival Lighting Designer
Rovero & Juliet () Festival Lighting Designer
Bremen Rock City () Festival Lighting Designer
Honest Aesop's Fables () Festival Lighting Designer
Handle With Care () Festival Lighting Designer

Head Carpenter

PIG () Head Carpenter
Arigato, Tokyo () Head Carpenter
Obaaberima () Head Carpenter
The Maids () Head Carpenter
Blasted () Head Carpenter
The Silicone Diaries () Head Carpenter
Neon Nightz () Head Carpenter

House Technician

Arigato, Tokyo () Chamber Technician
Tombs of the Vanishing Indian () House Technician
Fishbowl: A Concise, Expansive Theory of Everything () House Technician

Lighting Designer

Fishbowl: A Concise, Expansive Theory of Everything () Lighting Designer

Production Coordinator

Dancing Queen () Production Coordinator

Production Manager

Box 4901 () Production Manager
The Election () Production Manager
Free Outgoing () Production Manager
Between the Sheets () Production Manager
Katherine Mansfield () Production Manager

Prop Designer

Fishbowl: A Concise, Expansive Theory of Everything () Matter Transporter Design & Construction

Set Builder

The Story () Set Construction

Technical Director

Weather the Weather or How we Make it Home Together () Technical Director
The Penelopiad () Technical Director
The Story () Technical Director
The New Electric Ballroom () Technical Director


A Few Brittle Leaves () Chamber Technician
Obaaberima () Technician
Dancing Queen () Technician
Bliss () Technician
Hallaj () Technician
The Maids () Technician
Tightrope () Technician
The Bird () Technician
The Silicone Diaries () Technician
Breakfast () Technician
Real Live Girl () Technician
The Silicone Diaries () Technician
Fishbowl: A Concise, Expansive Theory of Everything () Technician
Dearest Heart () Technician
An Exercise in Futility: A Nihilistic Tale () Technician
Art Fag () Technician

Venue Technician

Of a Monstrous Child: A Gaga Musical () Chamber Technician
The Penelopiad () Chamber Technician
The Normal Heart () Chamber Technician
Agokwe () Chamber Technician
The Situationists () Venue Technician
Blasted () Chamber Technician
Neon Nightz () Chamber Technician
Pelee () Venue Technician
I'm So Close It's Not Even Funny () Venue Technician
Arm's Length () Venue Technician
The Kente Cloth () Venue Technician