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The Story ()

Produced by

Common Boots Theatre

Playwright: Martha Ross
Director: Jennifer Brewin


Evergreen Brick Works


December 13 - December 15, 2011


December 13th, 2011 – December 30th, 2011


Outdoor winter theatre – explore the Evergreen Brick Works with Theatre Columbus. The award winning ensemble presents an unconventional telling of The Nativity.

The Story premiered at B.C’s Caravan Farm Theatre under the direction of Theatre Columbus’ Artistic Director Jennifer Brewin. This winter Ms. Brewin assembles a stellar team to present a re-imagined version for Toronto.

The Audience follows the action through the Evergreen Brick Works and adjacent parkland, where they meet shepherds, ruffians, weird wise men, roman soldiers, the angel Gabriel, King Herod, a choir, a confused young couple and a variety of surprised dog walkers.

The hour long walking show is entirely outdoors.  (


Lisa Karen Cox Ensemble
Richard Lee Ensemble
Haley McGee Ensemble
Sanjay Talwar Ensemble
Rylan Wilkie Ensemble

Creative Team

Martha Ross Playwright
Jennifer Brewin Director
Catherine Hahn Set Designer
Catherine Hahn Costume Designer
Glenn Davidson Lighting Designer
John Millard Music Director
Dan Daley Assistant Director
Anna Treusch Assistant Set Designer
Anna Treusch Assistant Costume Designer
James Plouffe Associate Lighting Designer


Rosie Lewis Choir Leader


Laura Baxter Stage Manager
Erin Birkenbergs Production Manager
Ian Arnold Production Manager
Lindy Zucker Front of House Manager
Anna Treusch Props Mistress
Holly Lloyd Head of Wardrobe
Alice Ferreyra Assistant Stage Manager
Brendan Gilhuly Running Crew
Chantelle Zoelene Laliberte Running Crew
Brendan Gilhuly Set Construction
Nick Rose Set Construction
Katherine Smith Set Construction
Heather Ervin Publicity