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Nick Rose

Carpenter, Crew, Lighting Technician, Production Manager, Set Builder, Sound Technician, Technical Director, Venue Technician

Assistant Carpenter

Minotaur () Assistant Carpenter
Minotaur () Assistant Carpenter
The Real World () Assistant Carpenter
The Golden Dragon () Assistant Carpenter
The Children's Republic () Assistant Head Carpenter

Assistant Technical Director

The Art of Catching Pigeons by Torchlight () Assistant Technical Director


Sultans of the Street () Carpenter
Annie () Scenic Carpenter
The Little Years () Carpenter
Stockholm () Carpenter

Carpentry Crew

Penny Plain () Set Install Crew
The Misanthrope () Carpentry Crew
Wide Awake Hearts () Carpentry Crew
The Year of Magical Thinking () Carpentry Crew
The Clockmaker () Carpentry Crew
If We Were Birds () Carpentry Crew
Rocking The Cradle () Carpentry Crew
Scorched () Carpentry Crew


An Enemy of the People () Crew
The God that Comes () Crew
Bingo! () Crew
Sultans of the Street () Crew
Minotaur () Crew
Annie () Crew
The Gravitational Pull of Bernice Trimble () Set Install and Lighting Crew
PIG () Crew
A Brimful of Asha () Set & Lighting Crew
The Lesson () Crew
Obaaberima () Crew
The Ugly One () Crew
The Maids () Crew
Peter and the Wolf () Technical Crew
Agokwe () Crew
Zadie's Shoes () Crew
Roshni () Crew
The Madonna Painter () Load-In and Light Crew
True Love Lies () Crew
Better Living () Crew


The Little Years () Electrician
Stockholm () Electrician

Head Carpenter

The Story () Head Carpenter
word!sound!powah! () Assistant Head Carpenter
blood.claat () Assistant Head Carpenter
benu () Assistant Head Carpenter

Lighting Crew

Flesh and other Fragments of Love () Lighting Crew
The Small Room at the Top of the Stairs () Lighting Crew
After Akhmatova () Lighting Crew
More Fine Girls () Lighting Crew
The Misanthrope () Lighting Crew
Wide Awake Hearts () Lighting Crew
The Year of Magical Thinking () Lighting Crew
The Clockmaker () Lighting Crew
If We Were Birds () Lighting Crew
Scorched () Lighting Crew

Production Manager

The Wanderers () Production Manager

Set Builder

The Story () Set Construction

Sound Crew

Within the Glass () Sound Crew

Technical Director

The Wanderers () Technical Director

Venue Technician

In Case We Disappear () Venue Technician
Man’s Dominion () Venue Technician
Legs Crossed Hands On Your Lap () Venue Technician
Beginagame () Venue Technician
A Lesson In Gabby () Venue Technician
She Said Yes () Venue Technician
The Most Honest Man in the World () Venue Technician
Nantucket () Venue Technician
A Man Walks Into a Bar () Venue Technician
You Know I Know () Venue Technician
Maracatu You! () Venue Technician
Thus Spoke... () Venue Technician
The Good Story () Venue Technician
Antigonick () Venue Technician
The Soaps () Venue Technician
The Wakowski Bros. () Venue Technician
The Real World () Interim Mainspace Technician
Raton Laveur () Venue Technician
Rob Ford and the Mysterious Case of the Flying Anarchist () Venue Technician
The Foreign Exchange () Venue Technician
Molotov Circus () Venue Technician
Theory () Venue Technician
Wedding Night in Canada () Venue Technician
Sia () Venue Technician