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The Golden Dragon ()

Produced by

Tarragon Theatre

Playwright: Roland Schimmelpfennig
Translator: David Tushingham
Director: Ross Manson


Tarragon Theatre – Mainspace


January 10 - 17, 2012


January 18th, 2012 – February 19th, 2012


The diners at the bustling Golden Dragon restaurant sit savouring their meals, while the kitchen staff rally to hide a young illegal immigrant who is desperately searching for his lost sister. Little does he know the key to her disappearance might be only a few tables away. (


David Fox A Man Over Sixty
Lili Francks A Woman Over Sixty
Tony Nappo A Man
Anusree Roy A Young Woman
David Yee A Young Man

Creative Team

Roland Schimmelpfennig Playwright
David Tushingham Translator
Ross Manson Director
Teresa Przybylski Set Designer
Teresa Przybylski Costume Designer
Rebecca Picherack Lighting Designer
Thomas Ryder Payne Sound Designer
Heidi Strauss Choreographer
Leora Morris Assistant Director
Alicia Bacile Assistant Set Decorator
Drew Mutton 金龙 Sculptor
Wilson Klodt Wong 金龙 Choreographer
Daniel Levinson Fight Director


Melanie Klodt Stage Manager
Emilie Aubin Apprentice Stage Manager
Cylla von Tiedemann Photographer
Nick Rose Assistant Carpenter
Brendan Gilhuly Assistant Carpenter
Matt Armour Carpentry Crew
Kai Masaoka Carpentry Crew
Wade Noble Carpentry Crew
Dan MacEachern Carpentry Crew
Lindsay Woelfle Carpentry Crew
Matt Armour Lighting Crew
Verne Good Lighting Crew
Rebecca Vandevelde Lighting Crew
Liz Maraston Lighting Crew
Sarah-Jane Patterson Lighting Crew
Lindsay Woelfle Lighting Crew


Danielle Demeny Head Scenic Artist
Tom Baranski Head Carpenter
Michelle Bailey Head of Wardrobe
Sarah “Pip” Bradford Mainspace Technician
Eleanor Antoncic Interim Production Manager
Paul Fujimoto-Pihl Technical Director
Lokki Ma Head of Properties