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Verne Good

Carpenter, Composer, Crew, Lighting Designer, Lighting Technician, Mainspace Technician, Production Manager, Properties Crew, Sound Coordinator, Sound Designer, Sound Technician, Venue Technician

Assistant Sound Designer

In the Next Room (or The Vibrator Play) () Assistant Sound Designer
Forests () Assistant Sound Designer
Ruined () Assistant Sound Designer

Associate Lighting Designer

Are You Okay () Associate Lighting Designer
Eternal Hydra () Associate Lighting Designer
Gas Girls () Associate Lighting Designer


The Walworth Farce () Carpenter

Carpentry Crew

Wormwood () Carpentry Crew
The Trouble with Mr. Adams () Carpentry Crew
The Ugly One () Carpentry Crew
Flesh and other Fragments of Love () Carpentry Crew
Carried Away on the Crest of a Wave () Carpentry Crew
Little One () Carpentry Crew
Other People's Children () Carpentry Crew
A Brimful of Asha () Carpentry Crew
How It Works () Carpentry Crew
East of Berlin () Carpentry Crew
Benevolence () Carpentry Crew
Generous () Carpentry Crew


The Heidi Chronicles () Composer
Stockholm () Original Music


The Aliens () Crew
Blood Weddings / Bodas de Sangre () Crew
Black Boys () Crew
Reflector () Crew
Blind Date () Crew
Elle () Crew
The Gay Heritage Project () Crew
The 20th of November () Crew
An Enemy of the People () Lighting & Sound Crew
The Gay Heritage Project () Crew
Every Letter Counts () Load-in & Lighting Crew
A Brimful of Asha () Set & Lighting Crew
The Normal Heart () Crew
Obaaberima () Crew
The Maids () Crew
The Silicone Diaries () Crew
PHOTOG () Crew
To Be Straight with You () Crew
Hamlet () Crew
Neon Nightz () Crew
The Book of Judith () Setup Crew
Dedicated to the Revolutions () Crew
The Eco Show () Crew
The Only Good Indian... () Crew
Whale Music () Crew
Seussical () Crew
The Babysitter () Crew


The Little Years () Electrician
The Children's Republic () Electrician

Festival Lighting Designer

Say Nothing Saw Wood () Festival Lighting Designer
Actionable () Festival Lighting Designer
Waiting for the Dawn () Festival Lighting Designer
I'll Always Be There to Kill You / Je Serai Toujours La Pour Te Tuer () Festival Lighting Designer
Old Peculiar () Festival Lighting Designer
The Centre () Festival Lighting Designer

House Technician

Scorched () House Technician

Lighting Crew

Sequence () Lighting Crew
The Realistic Joneses () Lighting Crew
The Circle () Lighting Crew
The Summoned () Lighting Crew
Within the Glass () Lighting Crew
Wormwood () Lighting Crew
Abyss () Lighting Crew
Waiting Room () Lighting Crew
The Bakelite Masterpiece () Lighting Crew
Marry Me a Little () Lighting Crew
Lungs () Lighting Crew
The Ugly One () Lighting Crew
Flesh and other Fragments of Love () Lighting Crew
Carried Away on the Crest of a Wave () Lighting Crew
And Slowly Beauty () Lighting Crew
Little One () Lighting Crew
Other People's Children () Lighting Crew
A Brimful of Asha () Lighting Crew
The Golden Dragon () Lighting Crew
word!sound!powah! () Lighting Crew
blood.claat () Lighting Crew
benu () Lighting Crew
After Akhmatova () Lighting Crew
More Fine Girls () Lighting Crew
The Misanthrope () Lighting Crew
Wide Awake Hearts () Lighting Crew
The Year of Magical Thinking () Lighting Crew
Billy Twinkle: Requiem for a Golden Boy () Lighting Crew
Courageous () Lighting Crew
Bashir Lazhar () Lighting Crew
East of Berlin () Lighting Crew

Lighting Designer

Tyumen, Then () Lighting Designer
Waiting for the Dawn () Lighting Designer
Old Peculiar () Lighting Designer
Tim Buck 2 () Lighting Designer

Mainspace Technician

Scorched () Mainspace Technician
House of Many Tongues () Mainspace Technician
Another Home Invasion () Mainspace Technician
Ubuntu (The Cape Town Project) () Mainspace Technician
The Black Rider: The Casting of the Magic Bullets () Mainspace Technician
Alias Godot () Mainspace Technician
Democracy () Mainspace Technician
Wild Mouth () Mainspace Technician
How It Works () Mainspace Technician
Benevolence () Mainspace Technician
Chimera () Mainspace Technician
The Oxford Roof Climber's Rebellion () Mainspace Technician
Generous () Mainspace Technician

Production Manager

Montparnasse () Production Manager

Props Assistant

East of Berlin () Props Assistant

Sound Coordinator

Mimi or A Poisoner's Comedy () Sound Coordinator

Sound Crew

Billy Twinkle: Requiem for a Golden Boy () Sound Crew

Sound Designer

Escaped Alone () Sound Designer
Bang Bang () Sound Designer
The Other Side of the Game () Sound Designer
Lela & Co. () Sound Designer
Superior Donuts () Sound Designer
Breathing Corpses () Sound Designer
Don’t Talk to Me Like I’m Your Wife () Sound Designer
The 39 Steps () Sound Designer
The Heidi Chronicles () Sound Designer
Up the Garden Path () Sound Designer
You Will Remember Me () Sound Designer
Better Angels: A Parable () Sound Designer
Love, Dishonor, Marry, Die, Cherish, Perish () Sound Designer
Cake and Dirt () Sound Designer
NSFW () Sound Designer
Queer Bathroom Stories () Sound Designer
Bingo! () Sound Designer
This Wide Night () Sound Designer
The Odyssey () Sound Designer
The Very Very Girl () Sound Designer
The Normal Heart () Sound Designer
Haunted () Sound/Music Designer
Fierce Monsters () Sound Designer
Stockholm () Sound Designer
Was Spring () Sound Designer
Free as Injuns () Sound Designer
Jesus Chrysler () Sound Designer
The Normal Heart () Sound Designer
You Should Have Stayed Home () Sound Designer
Eurydice () Sound Designer
Tyumen, Then () Sound Designer
The Atomic Weight of Happiness () Sound Designer
Or, () Sound Designer
Wonderland () Sound Designer
9 Parts of Desire () Sound Designer
Communion () Sound Designer
The Red Queen Effect () Sound Designer
Quite Frankly () Sound Designer
Buried () Sound Designer
The Epic of Gilgamesh (Up Until the Part Where Enkidu Dies) () Sound Designer
Tim Buck 2 () Sound Designer
In Darfur () Sound Designer

Venue Technician

For Body And Light Presents: Coming And Going () Venue Technician
Kojira () Venue Technician
Everyone Loves Sealand () Venue Technician
Peter n’ Chris present: Here Lies Chris () Venue Technician
Heart Puppetations () Venue Technician
High Tea () Venue Technician
Duotang Chesterfield’s Mystery Theatre Live () Venue Technician
Today is All Your Birthdays () Venue Technician
Molière () Mainspace Technician
Terminating () Venue Technician
In Full Light () Venue Technician
Trudeau Stories () Venue Technician
The Trial of Thumbelina () Venue Technician
The Big Smoke () Venue Technician
Rumours of Our Death () Venue Technician
The Pessimist () Mainspace Technician
Scorched () Mainspace Technician


Tarragon Theatre – Mainspace Mainspace Technician (2006-2009)