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Mimi or A Poisoner’s Comedy ()

Produced by

Tarragon Theatre

Music: Allen Cole
Lyrics: Allen Cole and Melody A. Johnson and Rick Roberts
Book: Melody A. Johnson and Rick Roberts


Tarragon Theatre – Mainspace


September 15th, 2009 – August 25th, 2009


The tempestuous Marquise of Brinvilliers has a repressive father, a young lover, an accommodating husband, and a thrilling new hobby: poison. It doesn’t take her long to figure out that murder is even more delicious than an evening of debauchery. A witty and hilarious musical about France’s most infamous serial killer. (


Tamara Bernier-Evans Françoise / Mother / Mme de Carpenter / Chorus
Paul Braunstein Exili / Torçeaux / Chorus
Martin Julien Brinny / Louis XIV / Chorus
Trish Lindström Mimi
Ron Pederson Ste. Croix / Chorus
Victor A. Young D'Aubray / Desgrais / Executioner / Gaoler / Chrous

Creative Team

Allen Cole Music
Allen Cole Lyrics
Melody A. Johnson Lyrics
Rick Roberts Lyrics
Melody A. Johnson Book
Rick Roberts Book
Alisa Palmer Director
Camellia Koo Set Designer
Camellia Koo Costume Designer
Michael Walton Lighting Designer
Allen Cole Music Director
Matjash Mrozewski Choreographer


Dan Rutzen Pianist
Paul Braunstein Drums


Kate Porter Stage Manager
Shelby-Jai Flick Apprentice Stage Manager
Brett Haynes Script Coordinator
Verne Good Sound Coordinator
Cylla von Tiedemann Photographer
Shawn Squires Graphic Designer
Bill Stahl Carpentry Assistant
Lokki Ma Props Assistant
Anna Treusch Props Assistant
Marta Zwierzynska Props Assistant
Amelia Bērziņš Wardrobe Assistant
Tracy Beach Wigs
D. Jeremy Smith Painting Crew
Tom Baranski Carpentry Crew
J. Louis Berenguer Carpentry Crew
Kevin Hutson Carpentry Crew
Tom Baranski Lighting Crew
Kevin Hutson Lighting Crew
Helen Kotsonis Lighting Crew
Dan McIlmoyl Lighting Crew


Sarah “Pip” Bradford Mainspace Technician
Michael Freeman Production Manager
Paul Fujimoto-Pihl Technical Director
Lindsay Walker Head of Properties
Ian Chappell Head Carpenter
Michelle Bailey Head of Wardrobe
Lindsay Anne Black Head Scenic Artist