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Sarah “Pip” Bradford

Carpenter, Consultant, Crew, Director, Light Walker, Lighting Designer, Lighting Technician, Mainspace Technician, Performer, Production Manager, Set Designer, Stage Manager, Tour Manager, Venue Technician

Assistant Production Manager

House of Many Tongues () Assistant to the Production Manager
A Beautiful View () Assistant to the Production Manager
Another Home Invasion () Assistant to the Production Manager
Ubuntu (The Cape Town Project) () Assistant Production Manager
East of Berlin () Assistant to the Production Manager
Molière () Assistant to the Production Manager

Associate Production Manager

Mules () Associate Production Manager

Carpentry Crew

Penny Plain () Set Install Crew
Another Home Invasion () Carpentry Crew
East of Berlin () Carpentry Crew


Mad Madge () Production Consultant


The Man That Got Away (A Special Appearance) () Crew
Flashing Lights () Crew
The Death of the King () Crew
Elle () Crew
Man to Man () Crew
Licking Knives () Crew
Life, Death and the Blues () Crew
Bingo! () Crew
The Gravitational Pull of Bernice Trimble () Set Install and Lighting Crew
Moss Park () Crew
Crash () Crew
On the Rocks () Crew
A Brimful of Asha () Set & Lighting Crew
Sia () Crew
Sex, Religion, and Other Hang-Ups () Load-In Crew
Agokwe () Crew
A Boy Called Newfoundland () Crew
Mourning Dove () Crew


Jack and the Beanstalk () Co-Director

Extra Space Technician

The Patient Hour () Interim Extra Space Technician

Festival Lighting Designer

Death Married My Daughter () Festival Lighting Designer
The Adventures of a Professional Corpse () Festival Lighting Designer
Drowning in Wasabi () Festival Lighting Designer
Baggage 2 () Festival Lighting Designer
Urge for Going () Festival Lighting Designer
Kin () Festival Lighting Designer
A Glance at Chinese Performing Arts () Festival Lighting Designer
Battle of the Bastards () Festival Lighting Designer
Radio :30 () Festival Lighting Designer
Stop Kiss () Festival Lighting Designer

Head Electrician

Don't Stop Me Now () Head Electrician
Jesus Christ Superstar () Head Electrician

House Technician

Hair () House Technician

Light Walker

Scorched () Light Walker

Lighting Crew

Wide Awake Hearts () Lighting Crew
Another Home Invasion () Lighting Crew

Lighting Designer

Unintentionally Depressing Children's Tales () Lighting Designer

Mainspace Technician

Carried Away on the Crest of a Wave () Mainspace Technician
And Slowly Beauty () Mainspace Technician
The Amorous Adventures of Anatol () Mainspace Technician
The Little Years () Mainspace Technician
No Great Mischief () Mainspace Technician
The Real World () Mainspace Technician
The Small Room at the Top of the Stairs () Mainspace Technician
The Golden Dragon () Mainspace Technician
The Children's Republic () Mainspace Technician
In the Next Room (or The Vibrator Play) () Mainspace Technician
Forests () Mainspace Technician
More Fine Girls () Mainspace Technician
Wide Awake Hearts () Mainspace Technician
If We Were Birds () Mainspace Technician
Communion () Mainspace Technician
Rocking The Cradle () Mainspace Technician
Mimi or A Poisoner's Comedy () Mainspace Technician


Stories From the Fringe () Performer

Production Manager

Monday Nights () Production Manager
Grace () Production Manager
Everything I Couldn't Tell You () Production Manager
This is the Point () Production Manager
Lela & Co. () Production Manager
Permanence () Production Manager
The Wedding Party () Production Manager
The Death of Mrs. Gandhi and the Beginning of New Physics (a political fantasy) () Production Manager
Monomyths () Production Manager
Huff () Production Manager
Hansel & Gretel () Production Manager
Avaricious () Production Manager
The Speedy () Production Manager

Scenic Designer

Jack and the Beanstalk () Sceneographer

Stage Manager

This is the Point () Stage Manager
Unintentionally Depressing Children's Tales () Stage Manager
Eurydice () Stage Manager

Tour Manager

Reflections on Giving Birth to a Squid () Tour Manager

Venue Technician

Face Value: West () Venue Technician
This Play Wins () Venue Technician
The Living () Venue Technician
Upon the Fragile Shore () Venue Technician
Complex () Venue Technician
Fuck You! You Fucking Perv! () Venue Technician
Unintentionally Depressing Children's Tales () Venue Technician
He Left Quietly () Venue Technician
Bitter Medicine () Venue Technician
Death Married My Daughter () Venue Technician
The Adventures of a Professional Corpse () Venue Technician
Drowning in Wasabi () Venue Technician
Baggage 2 () Venue Technician
Urge for Going () Venue Technician
Kin () Venue Technician
A Glance at Chinese Performing Arts () Venue Technician
Battle of the Bastards () Venue Technician
Radio :30 () Venue Technician
Stop Kiss () Venue Technician
Was Spring () Mainspace Technician
Pitch Blond () Venue Technician
The Tiki Bikini Beach Paradise Party A-Go-Go! () Venue Technician
The Year of Magical Thinking () Mainspace Technician
Courageous () Venue Technician


Progress Production Manager (2015-)
Tarragon Theatre – Mainspace Mainspace Technician (2009-2013)