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Permanence ()

Produced by

Libby Brodie Productions

Director: Hannah Price
Playwright: Cyd Casados


Tarragon Theatre – Extra Space


July 20th, 2017 – August 6th, 2017


Rebecca loves sex – as does Steve. Inside Steve’s intimate, turpentine-scented studio their affair blossoms and implodes in a sensual, paint-laden battle of the sexes but at what point does self-expression become self-harm?

Sex, art and addiction clash in Permanence, a raw and provocative new play asking us if one can ever truly love if one is lying to oneself? (


Samantha Michelle Rebecca
Ludovic Hughes Steve

Creative Team

Hannah Price Director
Cyd Casados Playwright
Echo Zhou 周芷會 Set Designer
Echo Zhou 周芷會 Costume Designer
Chris Malkowski Lighting Designer
Lyon Smith Sound Designer


Sarah “Pip” Bradford Production Manager
Lara Goncalves Lighting Board Operator
Lara Goncalves Company Stage Manager
Libby Brodie Producer