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The Living ()

Produced by


Presented by

The SummerWorks Performance Festival

Director: Ines Buchli
Playwright: Colleen Wagner


The Theatre Centre – BMO Incubator


August 7th, 2015 – August 16th, 2015


“How can any of us move on if we can’t accept… the impossible?”

A documentary play, The Living examines the lives of both victims and perpetrators who survived trauma in post-conflict zones, post-genocide. Inspired by the actual stories of women and girls who live side-by-side in government-issued housing and undergo NGO-funded campaigns to encourage reconciliation, The Living examines human nature at its most visceral, in hope that the impossible act of forgiveness can end the cycle of revenge.

Jacqui and Henry have known each other since primary school. Henry rescued Jacqui during the genocide and later was part of the mob that killed her father and brother. Their strange, yet loving relationship challenges the vengeful hearts of their community. Henry and Jacqui struggle to face each other by ramming together the idyllic memories of their childhood with the horror of the aftermath of war: AIDS, perpetrators returning from prison facing their own guilty consciences, husbands and wives who barely recognize each other, ghosts of the dead, revenge festering in both hearts and minds, imposed notions of reconciliation, and a crisis of faith. In the middle: impossible love, and a radical approach to reconciliation – transformational justice. Governor-General Award winner Colleen Wagner (The Monument) brings audiences a stirring new play about women on the frontlines of violence, of forgiveness and of redemption.

“I didn’t think matriarchies still existed. I grew up believing that patriarchy was the only paradigm that has ever existed and that war and violence was inevitable and innate in human beings. That’s the big lie.” – Colleen Wagner (


Kaleb Alexander Performer
Beryl Bain Performer
Francoise Balthazar Performer
Cindy Block Performer
Miriam Fernandes Performer
Gabrielle Graham Performer
Stephanie Jung Performer
Richard Lee Performer
Anita La Selva Performer
Wayne Ward Performer

Creative Team

Ines Buchli Director
Colleen Wagner Playwright
Shawn Kerwin Set Designer
Shawn Kerwin Costume Designer
Elizabeth Asselstine Lighting Designer
Erika Batdorf Movement
James McKernan Sound Designer
Lucy Powis Assistant Director
Yuqing Zhang Set / Costume Design Assistant


Cole Vincent Stage Manager
Sue Edworthy Producer
Steph Raposo Production Manager
Dahlia Katz Promotional Photos
Paul Lampert Production Photos
Adam Barrett Graphic Designer
Adam Barrett Promo Videos


Sarah “Pip” Bradford Venue Technician
J.P. Robichaud Venue Technician