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Dahlia Katz

Director, Dramaturge, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Sound Designer, Stage Manager

Assistant Director

Arm's Length () Assistant Director


A Number () Director
The Other Side of the Cubicle () Director
Slut () Director
I'm Still Here () Director
Dying Hard () Director
Duel of Ages () Director ("The Last Duel of Rob Roy")
The Demise of Ordinary Objects () Director


Meet Cute () Dramaturge
Slut () Dramaturge
Arm's Length () Dramaturge
The Demise of Ordinary Objects () Dramaturge

Graphic Designer

Moving On () Graphic Designer
Letters to Annabelle () Graphic Designer
Toronto, Mississippi () Graphic Designer
Meet Cute () Graphic Designer
Ninety () Graphic Designer
The Woolgatherer () Graphic Designer
Slut () Graphic Designer


Heartless () Photographer
No Save Points () Photographer
Brain Storm () Photographer
Marjorie Prime () Photographer
The Flick () Photographer
THE BIG HOUSE () Photographer
Good Morning Viet Mom () Photographer
Why We Fight () Photographer
A Number () Photographer
Mixie and the Halfbreeds () Production Photographer
Jerusalem () Photographer
John () Photographer
Comfort () Photographer
Toronto, Mississippi () Photographer
Cam Baby () Photographer
The Woolgatherer () Photographer
Monday Nights () Photographer
The Wanderers () Photographer
Making Love with Expresso () Photographer
Sister Mary's a Dyke?! () Photographer
Life in the Raw () Production Photographer
After Mrs. Rochester () Production Photographs


The Family Crow: A Murder Mystery () Production Photgraphy
Beautiful Renegades () Photography
An IMM-Permanent Resident () Photography
The Events () Front Cover Photo
Moving On () Photography
Iphigenia and the Furies (on Taurian Land) () Photography
I Call Myself Princess () Poster Photography
#KanderAndEbb () Photography
Two Birds One Stone () Production Photos
My Funny Valentine () Photography
Office Hours () Images
Brain Storm () Promotional Photos
Prince Hamlet () Poster Photography
Extremophiles () Photography
The Other Side of the Cubicle () Photography
The Living () Promotional Photos
Ninety () Photography
First Day Back () Photos
The Killdeer () Dahlia Katz
Cinderella in Muddy York () Photography
Antony & Cleopatra () Photography
Bed & Breakfast () Photography
Chaotica () Photography

Poster Design

The Gentlewomen of Verona () Poster Design

Production Photographer

Things I Know to be True () Production Photographer
The Other Side of the Game () Production Photographer
Seeking Refuge () Production Photographer
The Trojan Women () Production Photographs

Sound Designer

A Number () Sound

Stage Manager

FOE () Stage Manager


The Coal Mine Theatre Photographer