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The Demise of Ordinary Objects ()

Produced by


Playwright: Kathy Bischoping
Director: Dahlia Katz


Hub 14


April 2nd, 2008 – April 13th, 2008


The Demise of Ordinary Objects is a multidisciplinary experimental essay that explores the space between animate and inanimate, object and objectified. These themes are explored with a variety of performance modes, including mime, puppetry, realistic acting, and voice. (Show Facebook Event)


Amanda Lynne Ballard Performer
Paula Schultz Performer
Michael Scott Performer
Devin Upham Performer

Creative Team

Kathy Bischoping Playwright
Dahlia Katz Director
Samantha Brown Set Designer
Samantha Brown Costume Designer
Samantha Brown Puppet Design
Graham Porter Music
Graham Porter Sound Designer
Risha Yorke Lighting Designer
Susan Stover Assistant Director
Dahlia Katz Dramaturge


Christine Pellerin Stage Manager
Risha Yorke Producer
Risha Yorke Production Manager