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draft89 aims to create Original Interdisciplinary Canadian Theatre in a collaborative environment. Every show contributes to the learning of new skills and our growth as artists. Each of our productions provides a forum for new and emerging artists to get involved, to hone their skills, pursue new interests, and fuel their passion for art. The collective members are multitalented artists able to play a variety of roles within the company. draft89’s events and workshops showcase Canadian artistic talent in an array of mediums. draft89 intends to make independent theatre more visible and increase patronage of the arts.

draft89 promotes artists from all ethinicities, communities and ages. draft89 encourages artists of all backgrounds, origins and diciplines to work together, learn from each other and grow as artists.



Produced by Draft89

The Demise of Ordinary Objects April 2nd, 2008 – April 13th, 2008
FOE August 16th, 2007 – August 26th, 2007

Current Staff

Risha Yorke Company Member
Jane Smyth Company Member
Graham Porter Company Member
Christine Pellerin Company Member

Former staff