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FOE ()

Produced by


Playwright: Risha Yorke
Director: Risha Yorke
Music: Graham Porter


Hub 14


August 16th, 2007 – August 26th, 2007


Lying is as common in everyday life as taking a breath. People lie out of choice, out of duty, out of habit and out of fear. We are surrounded by lies, brought up on lies, and fed with lies.

FOE is an adventure into the world of liars. The piece includes collaboration between theatre artists, musicians and visual artists. It is an installation piece made entirely of faux materials, and can be taken apart and reconstructed at will. All of these mediums collaborate to create an atmosphere of deception, where the audience is forced to evaluate what they believe to be truth.

FOE explores the ideas of mental illness, con-artistry, conspiracies, and the common exaggerator. It is an interactive show, where the audience is given the forum to re-evaluate their surroundings, the media, their country, their friends, and their family. It offers insight into the reasons and motivations behind lies and the nature of a lie. (


Megan Ellison Compulsive Liar
Jane E. McGregor Mother of Two
Jennifer Neales Con Artist
Mladen Obradović Conspiracy Theorist
Daniel Sadavoy Everyday Liar
Michael Scott The Lawyer

Creative Team

Risha Yorke Playwright
Risha Yorke Director
Graham Porter Original Music
Samantha Brown Designer
Alexandra Prichard Dramaturge


Alexandra Prichard Technical Director
Dahlia Katz Stage Manager
Navneet Rai Assistant Stage Manager