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No Save Points ()

Produced by

Modern Times Stage Company and Outside the March Theatre Company and Starvox Entertainment

Creator: Sébastien Heins
Co-Directors: Sébastien Heins and Mitchell Cushman


Lighthouse ArtSpace


June 6th, 2023 – July 2nd, 2023


Video games, theatre and memoir collide as reator/performer Sébastien Heins places the control(er) in the hands of the audience, entrusting them to pilot his performance using state-of-the-art motion capture and haptic technology.

Intimate and innovative, the piece is inspired by the real-life story of Heins’ mother being diagnosed with Huntington’s Disease, a rare genetic illness. No Save Points is crafted for gamers and theatre-lovers alike, and explores the universal question: “what do we do with the time that we have?” (


Sébastien Heins Son

Creative Team

Sébastien Heins Creator
Sébastien Heins Co-Director
Mitchell Cushman Co-Director
Anahita Dehbonehie Set Designer
Heidi Chan Sound Designer
Laura Warren Video Designer
Melissa Joakim Lighting Designer
Niloufar Ziaee Costume Designer
Rosamund Small Dramaturge
Rosamund Small Story Editor
Duncan Davies Additional Music / Composition
Donna-Michelle St. Bernard Co-Conspirator for the Prologue
Damien Atkins Co-Conspirator for the game "Hopeful Monster"
Rouvan Silogix Co-Conspirator for the game "Windrush Returns"
Aylwin Lo Co-Conspirator for the game "Miasma"
Kemi King Co-Conspirator for the game "The Itinerary"


Tori Morrison Production Manager
Farnoosh Talebpour Stage Manager
Stephen Surlin Controller Designer
Youil Samara 3D Modeler / Rigger / Animator
Aidan Wong Lead Game Developer
Alex Lyons Illustrator
David Rokeby Consultant / BMO Lab Director
Cindy Dzib Audience Concierge
Liz Der Audience Concierge
Josie Smith Audience Concierge
Ksenia Ivanova Scenic Painter
Thadea Berezny Scenic Painter
Aidan Bridge Props Assistant
Gabrielle Milner Production Assistant
Christopher Elizabeth Lights & Video Technician
Matthew Pencer Sound Technician
Hussein Esmail Lighting & Sound Technician
Matthew Koscic Motion Capture Consultant
Lochlan Cox Head of Properties
Jeff Soucy Rehearsal Stage Manager
Dahlia Katz Photographer
Carl Solis Videographer


Katherine Devlin Rosenfeld Producer
Jessica Johnston Producer
Laura McCallum Associate Producer
Lee Widerick Manager of Production
Amanda Caliolo Technician
Steve Decloedt Production Manager