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The Gentlewomen of Verona ()

Produced by

Dauntless City Theatre

Playwright: William Shakespeare
Director: Scott Emerson Moyle


Berczy Park


August 4th, 2017 – August 27th, 2017


#BFFs Proteus and Valentine part ways when Valentine goes backpacking through Italy to find herself. She finds the duke’s son Silvio instead, and they enjoy a covert courtly romance. Proteus is happy at home in love with her #bae Julian, but her mom quickly sends her to join Valentine in Milan. Proteus and Julian exchange rings before she leaves, but her promise to them and her loyalty to Valentine are quickly forgotten when she lays eyes on Silvio… #Adulting is hard. (


Jesselle Lauren Proteus
Naya Guzman Valentine
Joey O’Dael Julian
Eric Benson Lucetto / Eglamour
Leslie McBay Launce
Isabel Hornstein Speed
Uche Ama Antonia / Thuria
Jordy Kieto Silvio
Chris Mott Duke of Milan
Tallan Alexander Captain of the Outlaws

Creative Team

William Shakespeare Playwright
Scott Emerson Moyle Director
Annelise Hawrylak Assistant Director
David Kingsmill Music Director
Chris Mott Fight Director


Stevie Baker Costume Supervisor
Lucy McPhee Stage Manager
Stevie Baker Producer
Scott Emerson Moyle Props Supervisor
Dahlia Katz Poster Design
Margaret Hild Voice Coach