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Bed & Breakfast ()

Produced by

Puppetmongers Theatre

Playwright: Ann Powell
Director: Sue Miner


Tarragon Theatre – Extra Space


December 17th, 2011 – January 1st, 2012


 Wildly inventive puppetry brings to life a whimsical new version of The Princess and the Pea, in which clever servants conspire against their bumbling employers in the service of true love, while the hero and heroine dodge hilarious disaster along the road to happily-ever-after. (


Ann Powell Puppeteer and Actor
David Powell Puppeteer and Actor

Creative Team

Ann Powell Playwright
Sue Miner Director
Ann Powell Doll's House
Ann Powell Puppet Design
David Powell Projections
David Powell Set Pieces
Mark Brownell Dramaturge
Sue Miner Music Selection
Mark Brownell Music Selection
Kevin Hutson Lighting Designer


Lisa Souliere Hot Air Balloon
Mark Brownell Cuthbert's Travel Consultant
Dianne Weinrib Publicist
Dahlia Katz Photography
Wes Tyrell Graphic Designer
Sheila Sky Company Manager