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Why We Fight ()

Produced by

Crux Encounter Productions

Creators: Jade Elliott McRae and Siobhan Richardson
Director: Tyler J. Seguin


The Redwood


November 17th, 2018 – November 18th, 2018


Why do we fight? Why do we love to watch others fight? ‚Äč From slapstick to sport, cartoons to armed combat, violence is an integral part of human interaction and storytelling, and yet we seldom recognize it on its own merits. Why is violence so linked to the human experience? Why do we find it satisfying, terrifying, and even amusing? In a series of scenes and sketches, WHY WE FIGHT takes on the challenge of dissecting, slicing, and pummelling our ideas of conflict into passionate, perplexing, and sometimes hilarious submission. (


Jade Elliott McRae Performer
Siobhan Richardson Performer
Abanoub Andraous Performer
Afton Rentz Performer
Alice Cavanagh Performer
Carolyn Anderson Performer
Timmy Bender Performer

Creative Team

Jade Elliott McRae Concept
Siobhan Richardson Concept
Tyler J. Seguin Director
Genevieve Adam Writer (Siblings, The Deserter, Buckle My Swash, Restraint, Dead Bodies)
Matthew Bradley Writer (Sex and Diamonds)
Jen Frankel Writer (Satisfaction)
Jade Elliott McRae Fight Choreography/Direction
Matt Richardson Fight Choreography/Direction
Siobhan Richardson Fight Choreography/Direction
Jareth Li Lighting Designer
Alex Eddington Sound Designer
Christopher Peifer Additional Music (Spanish percussion)
Alex Amini Costume Designer
Carmen Amini Costume Designer
Ilan Waldman Broadcast Director


Heather Bellingham Stage Manager
Courtney Pyke Production Manager
Ilan Waldman Technical Producer
Christopher Douglas Producer
Wes Babcock Assistant Production Manager
Carolyn Anderson Assistant to the AD and the GM
Louis Li Camera Operator
Ryan Ng Camera Operator
Filip Pavlovic Camera Operator
Keith Brown Camera Operator
Nicole Eun-Ju Bell Lighting Technician
Alastair MacIntyre Lighting Technician
Nicholas Simmons Lighting Technician
Shaun McPherson Front of House Audio
Jen Frankel Front of House Lead
Brianne Tucker Front of House Display
Dahlia Katz Photographer