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Alex Eddington

Composer, Founder, Music Director, Musical Director, Performer, Playwright, Sound Designer, Surtitles


Assistant Musical Director

Molière () Assistant Musical Director

Assistant Sound Designer

Ubuntu (The Cape Town Project) () Assistant Sound Designer


Anne () Composer
Dark Heart () Composer
Yarn () Composer
Yarn () Composer
The Fugue Code () Composer

Music Director

Back on the Stage () Music Director

Musical Director

Anne () Musical Director


Life List () Performer
Yarn () Performer
Yarn () Performer
The Fugue Code () Performer


Life List () Playwright
Yarn () Playwright
Yarn () Playwright
The Fugue Code () Playwright

Sound Designer

Destiny, USA () Sound Designer
Why We Fight () Sound Designer
Dark Heart () Sound Designer
The Trial of Judith K. () Sound Designer
The Memo () Sound Designer
The Homemaker () Sound Designer
Yarn () Sound Designer
The Homemaker () Sound Designer
The Fugue Code () Sound Designer


Don Giovanni () Surtitles Operator
The Marriage of Figaro () Surtitles Operator
Medea () Surtitles Operator
Lucio Silla () Surtitles


Acky-Made Founder