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Back on the Stage ()

Produced by

Guild Festival Theatre

Directors: Tyler J. Seguin and Helen Juvonen


Guild Festival Theatre


August 21st, 2020 – August 22nd, 2020


Back On the Stage is family-friendly entertainment featuring music, dance and puppetry inspired by Alice in Wonderland and Salt-Water Moon. (Show Facebook Event)


Myque Franz Performer
Izzi Nagel Performer
Zita Nyarady Performer
Michael Williamson Performer
Alten Wilmot Performer

Creative Team

Tyler J. Seguin Director
Helen Juvonen Director
Alten Wilmot Choreographer
Nancy Perrin Puppet Design
Nancy Perrin Prop Designer
Alex Eddington Music Director


Jessica Haggeman Technical Assistant
Tsz Ting Lam Communications Assistant
Christine Luksts Administrative Assistant
Christine Luksts Mad Hatter Hats