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Brain Storm ()

Produced by

Lucid Ludic and Why Not Theatre

Playwright: Taliesin McEnaney
Director: Taliesin McEnaney


Dancemakers Centre for Creation – Studio #313


February 27th, 2020 – March 8th, 2020


Director Taliesin McEnaney’s grandmother was a ‘script mentalist medium’ who channeled written messages from the spirit realm.  One of her spirit guides was Dr. Wilder Penfield.  Fast- forward 40 years and Taliesin is dealing with a major brain injury within her own family and struggling with many of the questions that Penfield devoted his work to: sensory perception, epileptic seizures, and cognitive changes.  Using the scripts from her grandmother’s writings as a textual resource, and translating them into a physical and visual style, BRAIN STORM is Taliesin’s metabolization of these decade-spanning events which asks the question: are our brains magic, machines – or both? (


Hayley Carr Performer
Maïza Dubhé Performer
Alexandra Montagnese Performer
Shayna Virginillo Performer

Creative Team

Taliesin McEnaney Playwright
Taliesin McEnaney Director
Claire Ward Writing
Hayley Carr Co-Creator
Maïza Dubhé Co-Creator
Alexandra Montagnese Co-Creator
Shayna Virginillo Co-Creator
William Bezek Set Designer
William Bezek Costume Designer
Melissa Joakim Lighting Designer
Melissa Joakim Projection Designer
Olivia Shortt Sound Designer
Olivia Shortt Composer
Shireen Jeejeebhoy Dramaturge
Jessica Watkin Dramaturge
Ellen Brooker Set Design Assistant
Ellen Brooker Costume Design Assistant
Nicole Smieja Open Captions Designer


Tara Mohan Stage Manager
Melanie Nablo Assistant Stage Manager
Suzie Balogh Production Manager
Taliesin McEnaney Producer
Annie Clarke Associate Producer
Shireen Jeejeebhoy Brain Injury Consultant
Emma Westray Front of House Manager
Emma Westray Box Office Manager
Nicole Smieja Open Captions Operator
Dahlia Katz Photographer