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Toronto, Mississippi ()

Produced by

Panfish Productions

Playwright: Joan MacLeod
Director: Kitti Laki


The Box Toronto


October 20th, 2016 – November 6th, 2016


Originally produced in 1987, Toronto, Mississippi was the first full-length play by Joan MacLeod. It centers on an unconventional family – father King (an Elvis impersonator), mother Maddie, daughter Jhana (who is developmenally delayed), and their boarder, Bill (a sometime poet). Love, family, creation, and self-destruction are just some of the themes explored in this raw and unflinching Canadian work, set in Toronto, Ontario. (Show Facebook Event)


Kayla Whelan Jhana
Yehuda Fisher Bill
Andrea Irwin Maddie
Peter Nelson King

Creative Team

Joan MacLeod Playwright
Kitti Laki Director
Jackie McClelland Set Designer
Jackie McClelland Prop Designer
Jackie McClelland Costume Designer
Yehuda Fisher Lighting Designer
Sadie Johnston Sound Designer


Kathleen Hemsworth Stage Manager
Ashley Groves Clinical Advisor
Dahlia Katz Photographer
Dahlia Katz Graphic Designer
Yehuda Fisher Artistic Producer
Kayla Whelan Associate Producer
Ashley Groves Assistant Producer