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The Other Side of the Cubicle ()

Produced by

The Bay Street Performers

Playwright: Kent Lam
Director: Dahlia Katz


The Alexander Street Chamber Theatre


October 21st, 2015 – October 25th, 2015


The Other Side of the Cubicle is an exploration of the age-old question: is the grass truly greener on the other side? Adapted from the stories and experiences of the cast, Cubicle follows the interconnected story of seven characters seeking happiness and balance in both the corporate and creative world: are the ‘what if’s a good enough reason to leave? To stay? Or is there a way we can have it all…?
A light-hearted look at the quest for happiness and the various definitions of success, Cubicle will have you chuckling at your desk or backstage and might even inspire you to go after your own what-if! (


Bill Vlaad Bill
Neil Greenbaum Duncan
David Bacque Malcolm
Olga Constantopoulos Olivia
Hani Zakaria Omar
Tina Bates Portia
Jessie Behan Reagan

Creative Team

Kent Lam Playwright
Dahlia Katz Director
Tom McGee Dramaturg
Eric Benson Assistant Director
Jackie McClelland Set Designer
Jackie McClelland Costume Designer
Jackie McClelland Prop Designer
Yehuda Fisher Lighting Designer
Sadie Johnston Sound Designer


Kathleen Hemsworth Stage Manager
Yehuda Fisher Technical Director
Sadie Johnston Set Builder
Adam Rumanek Website Designer
Dahlia Katz Photography
Jessie Behan Producer


Suzie Balogh Venue Technician