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Tom McGee

Artistic Director, Creator, Director, Dramaturge, Founder, Dramaturge, Head of Development, Marketing, Performer, Playwright, Producer, Puppet Builder, Puppet Design, Set Builder

Assistant Director

Liver () Assistant Director
LOVESEXMONEY () Assistant Director


Twelfth Night…A Puppet Epic! () Co-Creator


Featherweight () Director
Romeo and Juliet () Director


Constellation Prize: A New Musical () Dramaturge
The Teeny Tiny Music Show () Dramaturge
Sext () Dramaturge
Rowing () Dramaturge
Bright Lights () Dramaturge
Sext () Dramaturge
The Other Side of the Cubicle () Dramaturg
Half a League () Dramaturge
Liver () Dramaturge
Retreat () Dramaturge
Punch Up () Dramaturge
Cockfight () Dramaturge
Sucker () Dramaturge
Delicacy () Dramaturge
We Are the Bomb () Dramaturge
Rock () Dramaturge
Delicacy () Dramaturge
Help Yourself () Dramaturge
LOVESEXMONEY () Dramaturge
LOVESEXMONEY () Dramaturge


Featherweight () Marketing


Twelfth Night…A Puppet Epic! () Shakey-Shake / Malvolio
Hamlet… A Puppet Epic! () Shakey-Shake / Polonius
A Midsummer Night's Dream... A Puppet Epic! () Shakey-Shake / Oberon
The Unseen Hand () Sicamore Morphin
Marat / Sade () Attendant
Romeo and Juliet () Shakey-Shake


Featherweight () Playwright
Hamlet… A Puppet Epic! () Playwright
A Midsummer Night's Dream... A Puppet Epic! () Playwright
Romeo and Juliet () Playwright


Featherweight () Producer
Bright Lights () Producer
Hangman () Producer
Big Plans () Producer
Liver () Producer
Retreat () Producer
Punch Up () Producer
Cockfight () Producer
A Midsummer Night's Dream... A Puppet Epic! () Producer
Rock () Producer
Delicacy () Producer

Puppet Builder

Hamlet… A Puppet Epic! () Puppet Builder

Puppet Design

Hamlet… A Puppet Epic! () Puppet Design
A Midsummer Night's Dream... A Puppet Epic! () Original Puppets

Set Builder

Sucker () Set Builder


Shakey-Shake and Friends Artistic Director
Theatre Brouhaha Founder, Dramaturge, Head of Development