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Cockfight ()

Produced by

The Red One Theatre Collective and Theatre Brouhaha

Playwright: Kat Sandler
Director: Kat Sandler


The Storefront Theatre


June 12th, 2014 – June 29th, 2014


Cockfight tells the story of the Chiavetti brothers: three hard-luck foster kids who have grown up to be adult rabble-rousers. Charlie (Brehnan McKibbon) has got a broken heart, August (Jakob Ehman) has a crush at work, and Mike (Benjamin Blais) has a scheme: he’s bought a fighting rooster and is convinced he and his brothers can have the good life if he can train it to fight the same way he trained his brothers. Things get complicated when August’s work crush, the thrill-seeking, though seemingly innocent Ingrid (Caroline Toal) accidentally ends up with the brothers’ collateral…and the dangerous psychopath (David Tompa) who sold them the rooster comes looking for it. There are betrayals, songs, and a hammer fight before the brothers land at the cataclysmic conclusion that will test their family, their resolve, and each other more than they ever thought possible.



Benjamin Blais Mike Chiavetti
Brenhan McKibben Charlie Chiavetti
Jakob Ehman August Chiavetti
Caroline Toal Ingrid
David Tompa Scarman Devilman

Creative Team

Kat Sandler Playwright
Kat Sandler Director
Holly Lloyd Costume Designer
Angela McQueen Make-up Artist
Claire Hill Set Designer
Melissa Joakim Lighting Designer
Jason O’Brien Sound Designer
Jeff Hanson Fight Director
Daniel Pagett Dramaturge
Tom McGee Dramaturge


Christopher Ross Production Manager
Meghan Speakman Stage Manager
Benjamin Blais Producer
Chris DePaul Marketing
Tom McGee Producer
Brenhan McKibben Producer
Daniel Pagett Producer
Kat Sandler Producer