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Jakob Ehman

Composer, Director, Performer, Sound Designer

Awards & Nominations

2014 Dora Award Nominee ~ Independent – Outstanding Performance by a MaleĀ (Donors)


Nature of the Beast () Original Composition


Les Liaisons Dangereuses () Director


Idomeneus () Performer
Ten Creative Ways to Dispose of Your Cremains () Bennett
The Circle () Performer
Caught () Performer
House of Yes () Anthony Pascal
The Philanderess () Julian Craven
Nature of the Beast () Mike
The Skriker () The Passerby
Much Ado About Nothing () Don John
Cockfight () August Chiavetti
Minotaur () Freddie / Theseus
Donors () Jonathan/John
Turtleneck () Louis

Sound Designer

Hangman () Sound Designer
Heretic () Original Sound Design
Heretic () Sound Designer
Nature of the Beast () Sound Designer