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Photo credit by Zaiden

The Skriker ()

Presented by

Theatre Brouhaha

Playwright: Caryl Churchill
Director: Daniel Pagett


The Storefront Theatre


October 23rd, 2014 – November 9th, 2014


Caryl Churchill’s The Skriker is often described as her ‘impossible play’, due to the magical nature of the show, the shattered language with which the narrator speaks, and the sheer scope of the faerie underworld that it weaves in and out of.  Incorporating physical theatre, mask, dance and a world premiere score, The Skriker provides a completely immersive experience in this dark and twisted world.



Perrie Olthuis Lily
Suzette McCanny Josie
Claire Armstrong The Skriker (Narrator)
Andy Trithardt Kelpie/The Skriker (Patient)
Claire Burns Black Annis/The Skriker (Hag)
Sam Coyle Nellie Longarms/The Skriker (American)
Elise Bauman Dead Girl/The Skriker (Little Girl)
Kevin Ritchie Tellyhead/The Skriker (Couch)
John Fleming Brownie/The Skriker (Underworld)
Luke Marty Bound Man/The Skriker (Man)
Karen Knox The Spriggan/The Skriker (Marie)
Tim Walker Rawheadandbloodybones/The Skriker (Sick)
Jakob Ehman The Passerby

Creative Team

Caryl Churchill Playwright
Daniel Pagett Director
Ashleigh Powell Dance/Movement
Luke Marty Fight
Holly Lloyd Set
Melissa Joakim Lighting Designer
Kendra Terpenning Wardrobe
Andy Trithardt Music
Angela McQueen Hair/Makeup


Thalia Kane Stage Manager
Dean Johnston Production Manager
John Fleming Dialects
Benjamin Blais Producer
Chris DePaul Producer