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Dean Johnston

Crew, Head Technician, Production Manager, Rentals Coordinator, Set Builder, Set Designer, Stage Manager, Technical Director, Technician


Stupidhead! A Musical Comedy () Crew
Avaricious () Crew
The De Chardin Project () Crew
Same Same But Different () Crew
The Way Back to Thursday () Crew

Head Technician

Sucker () Head Technician

Production Manager

The Skriker () Production Manager
New Jerusalem () Production Manager

Set Builder

Sucker () Set Builder
Into () Set Construction

Set Designer

Confessions of a Redheaded Coffeeshop Girl () Set Designer
The Unseen Hand () Set Designer
Claire, From the Bus () Set Designer

Stage Manager

Punch Up () Stage Manager
We Are the Bomb () Stage Manager
The Unseen Hand () Stage Manager

Technical Director

Beneath the Banyan Tree () Technical Director


Potosí () Technician () Technician


Theatre Direct Head Technician (2012 - )
Theatre Direct Rentals Coordinator (2012 -)