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Produced by

Théâtre la Tangente

Author: Claude Guilmain
Director: Claude Guilmain


Theatre Glendon


June 18th, 2013 – June 22nd, 2013

Synopsis is the story of three siblings, Alain, Maude and Claude Cardinal , three baby-boomers who have gathered to celebrate Alain’s 50th birthday along with his wife Pat, and Maude’s two adult children, Brigitte and Éric.

On the morning of his 50th birthday, Alain, a high level civil servant of twenty five years, walks into his office only to realize his position has been abolished due to government cut backs. While the security guards are escorting him out, he has a momentary break down and tries to throw himself through a window. The window doesn’t break, he merely bounces off and he is left in a heap, hurt and humiliated. Meanwhile his wife Pat, in therapy for the last twelve years, has finally had a breakthrough. She has come to the realization that she is unable to love her children. (


Geneviève Dufour Émilie
Bernard Meney Claude
Louise Naubert Maude
Pier Paquette Alain
Anne-Sophie Quemener Brigitte
Gisèle Rousseau Pat

Creative Team

Claude Guilmain Author
Claude Guilmain Director
Louise Naubert Director
Claude Guilmain Set Designer
Guillaume Houët-Brisebois Lighting Designer
Duncan Appleton Set Designer
Claude Naubert Soundscape and Original Music
Sylvie Bouchard Choreographer


Aurélien Muller Stage Manager
Duncan Appleton Technical Director
Aurélien Muller Photography
Duncan Appleton Visual Effects
Mikaël Lavogiez Photography
Mikaël Lavogiez Web Designer
Dean Johnston Technician
Jessica Browne Technician