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Sucker ()

Produced by

Blood Sweat & Blood Collective

Developed by

Theatre Brouhaha

Playwright: Kat Sandler
Director: Kat Sandler


The Storefront Theatre


October 24th, 2013 – November 9th, 2013


Sucker is a Halloween offering about a small town crushed by a whimsical tragedy. Jamie is an atheist who wants to be a Rabbi, his sister Beth thinks she’s a vampire, and their tenant Constance has a sin that she wants to confess. Everyone grieves differently. (


Jessica Moss Beth
Colin Munch Carter
G. Kyle Shields Aenth
Andy Trithardt Jamie
Astrid Van Wieren Constance

Creative Team

Kat Sandler Playwright
Kat Sandler Director
Kat Sandler Set Designer
Andy Trithardt Sound Designer
Tom McGee Dramaturge
Melissa Joakim Lighting Designer


Christopher Douglas Stage Manager
Melissa Joakim Technical Director
Dean Johnston Head Technician
Chris DePaul Producer
Daniel Pagett Associate Producer
Daniel Pagett Casting
Daniel Pagett Development
Ashleigh Kasaboski Set
Ashleigh Kasaboski Props
Ashleigh Kasaboski Junior Producer
Zaiden Photographer
Stephen Purdy Set Builder
Jarred Daugharty Set Builder
Dean Johnston Set Builder
Melissa Joakim Set Builder
Evan Harkai Set Builder
Ashleigh Kasaboski Set Builder
Kat Sandler Set Builder
Tom McGee Set Builder
Alex Sandler Set Builder