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Jessica Moss

Director, Mentor, Performer, Playwright, Producer, Publicist


A Girl Lives Alone () Director


Derailed () Mentor


A Girl Lives Alone () Janet, a girl next door
To Kill a Mockingbird () Mayella Ewell / Mob
Tease () Performer
Vinegar Tom () Susan
Fear and Desire (and the whole damn thing) () Performer
Sucker () Beth
Polly Polly () Polly Eschfield
Tick () Tickailia
Was Spring () Kit
Modern Love () Trish MacTiernan
Long Dark Night () Irene Pffeffener, his trusted secretary
Swoon! () Clara
Tout Comme Elle (Just Like Her) () Performer
The Witch of Edmonton () Winnifred
Twelfth Night () Sir Toby Belch, niece of Olivier


I Love You and it Hurts () Playwright ("Be a Friend")
A Girl Lives Alone () Playwright
Plays in Cafes () Playwright ("Caleb and Rita")
Cam Baby () Playwright
Polly Polly () Playwright
Modern Love () Playwright
Swoon! () Contributing Playwright


Cam Baby () Producer


Tick () Promotions