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The Witch of Edmonton ()

Produced by

The Red Light District

Presented by

The SummerWorks Performance Festival

Playwright: Thomas Dekker and William Rowley and John Ford
Directors: Catherine Dunn and Ted Witzel


Trinity Bellwoods Park


August 5th, 2010 – August 14th, 2010


In the tightly-knit community of Edmonton, Mother Sawyer is falsely branded as a witch. rejected and shunned, she takes revenge by selling her soul to a demonic hellhound and as evil and perversion infect the townsfolk, Mother Sawyer lives up to her new title. (


Michael-David Blostein Sir Arthur Clarington
Eve Wylden Carter
Kat Letwin Susan
Valerie Cina Katherine
Marcel Dragonieri Thorney
Jonah Hundert Frank
Jessica Moss Winnifred
Lauren Gillis Somerton
Ron Kelly Warbeck
Reid Linforth Cuddy Banks
Ted Witzel Dog
Mina James Mother Sawyer

Creative Team

Thomas Dekker Playwright
William Rowley Playwright
John Ford Playwright
Catherine Dunn Director
Ted Witzel Director
Brian Soloman Choreographer
Erin Telegdi Costumes
S.J. Thiessen Costumes
Martha Chomyn Props
Valerie Cina Props
Grace Smith Dramaturge


Christopher Ross Stage Manager
Andrea Kwan Stage Crew
Jaime Arfin Stage Crew
Paul Bansal Stage Crew