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Kat Letwin

Choreographer, Director, Marketing, Performer, Playwright


Fallsview to a Kill () Choreographer


Mumsical () Director


Much Ado About Nothing () Marketing


The Resistance Improvised () Pickbick
Omen: The Musical () Aiden
Fallsview to a Kill () Performer
Stories From the Fringe () Performer
Featherweight () Thoth
Confederation Part I: Confederation & Riel () Zoe (Lafontaine Laurier / New BRunswick Premiere Samuel Tilley / Metis Norbert Ledoux / Colonel Garnet Wolseley
Chasse-Galerie () Michelle
Dance Animal: Toronto () Dance Raccoon
Les Liaisons Dangereuses () Emilie
Retreat () Candace
Rulers of The Universe: A Love Story () Performer
Dark Matter () Evelyn Marlowe
Scheherazade () Princess / Merchant’s Wife / Michelle / Others
A Funeral for Clowns () Noaman
Sockdolager () Mrs. Griggs, the cook
The Lost Sagas of Tjorvi the Flaccid () Fenja
Marat / Sade () The Herald
The Witch of Edmonton () Susan
The Four Minute Mile () Testimonial Actor
The Misanthrope () Acaste


Rulers of The Universe: A Love Story () Playwright