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Marat / Sade ()

Produced by

Soup Can Theatre

Playwright: Peter Weiss
Translator: Geoffrey Skelton
Music: Richard Peaslee
Lyrics: Adrian Mitchell
Director: Sare Thorpe


Alumnae Mainspace Theatre


July 19th, 2011 – July 23rd, 2011


Marat/Sade paints a critical picture of the French Revolution and its unbridled violence through the eyes of eccentric nobleman, sexual deviant, and prolific author, the Marquis de Sade. Using a play-within-a-play structure based in historical fact, Marat/Sade is set in the Charenton Asylum where, as an inmate, the Marquis was permitted to write and mount dramatic works using his fellow inmates as actors, and to perform the completed pieces before audiences of French Aristocrats. (



Allan Michael Brunet Marquis de Sade
Liam Morris Jean-Paul Marat
Heather Marie Annis Charlotte Corday
Kat Letwin The Herald
Scott Moore Coulmier, Director of Charenton
Andrew Fleming Duperret
Glyn Bowerman Jacques Roux
Katrina Carey Simonne Evrard
Kristen Zaza Cucurucu
Philip Stonhouse Polpoch
Michael-David Blostein Kokol
Felicity Adams-Hannigan Rossignol
Hilary June Hart Patient
Mark Heindel Patient
Elijah Fetter Attendant
Tom McGee Attendant

Creative Team

Peter Weiss Playwright
Geoffrey Skelton English Version
Richard Peaslee Music
Adrian Mitchell Lyrics
Sare Thorpe Director
Pratik Gandhi Musical Director
Travis Lahay Lighting Designer
Randy Lee Set Designer
Jackie Comor Costume Designer
Jackie Comor Prop Designer
Sarah Blostein Makeup Design
Sarah Blostein Assistant Costume Designer
Sarah Blostein Assistant Prop Designer
Justin Haigh Sound Designer
Justin Haigh Assistant Set Designer
Shakir Haq Fight Director


Marie-Eve Sarrazin Flute / Piccolo
Sean Sydney Trumpet
Alan Kulka Guitar
Suzan Kim Keyboard
Alex Duncan Tuba
Conor Hall Percussion


Sare Thorpe Producer
Justin Haigh Producer
Scott Dermody Producer
Katherine Sandomirsky Stage Manager
Travis Lahay Technical Director
Randy Lee Head Carpenter
Scott Dermody Production Manager
Justin Haigh Publicist
Justin Haigh Graphic Designer
Leslie Thorpe-Dermody Assistant Stage Manager
Leslie Thorpe-Dermody Fight Captain
Gabriel Nylund Assistant Stage Manager
Amelia Pipher Rehearsal Pianist
Suzan Kim Rehearsal Pianist
Julian Bulof Sound Board Operator
Krissy Budny Box Office / Front of House Manager
Scott Dermody Box Office / Front of House Manager
Aaron Rothermund Box Office / Front of House Manager
Chantria Tram Box Office / Front of House Manager
Adnan Umer Box Office / Front of House Manager