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Travis Lahay

Carpenter, Costume Designer, Crew, Lighting Designer, Lighting Technician, Sound Designer, Technical Director

Carpentry Crew

The Year of Magical Thinking () Carpentry Crew

Costume Designer

The Complex: A Toronto Tale () Costume Designer


Morro & Jasp 9 - 5 () Crew
The Unplugging () Crew
Stopheart () Crew
Iceland () Crew
Every Letter Counts () Load-in & Lighting Crew
300 Tapes () Crew

Lighting Crew

The Year of Magical Thinking () Lighting Crew

Lighting Designer

Excuse You! () Lighting Designer
Marat / Sade () Lighting Designer
Misprint (1st Issue) () Lighting Designer
I () Lighting Designer

Sound Designer

I () Sound Designer

Technical Director

Marat / Sade () Technical Director