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The Misanthrope ()

Produced by

The Red Light District

Playwright: Molière
Translator: Tony Harrison
Director: Johanna Schall


The Drake Hotel


April 1st, 2009 – April 26th, 2009


They are young. they are rich. they are french. they are cooler than you and you know it.

competition is their drug of choice. (and cocaine, but who’s judging?). who’s got the trendiest shoes, the best hookups, the quickest wit.

the way to the top is knocking down and cutting up whomever stands in the way-socializing isn’t a pastime, it’s a way of life, a career, a tooth and nail catfight to the highest rung, no matter who you have to throw under a bus to get there.

but one of them won’t compete anymore-he’s already the best at hating everyone and everything. the audacity of honesty is his weapon, and contempt is his sex appeal. and he is in love with one of them, and so the whole delicate balance collapses. but where can you go to be honest and free? there is no such place – u-topia = “no place.”

a play about nothing that ends with a slap and an exit that shatters a world. (


Ted Witzel Alceste
Reid Linforth Philinte
Marcel Dragonieri Oronte
Eve Wylden Célimène
Simon Rainville Éliante
Kat Letwin Acaste
Spencer Evoy Clitandre
Mairin Smit Arsinoé
Zachary Gray Dubois
Catherine Dunn Duboise

Creative Team

Molière Playwright
Tony Harrison Translator
Johanna Schall Director
Catherine Dunn Assistant Director
Jenny Schall Costume Designer
Cameron Davis Lighting Designer
Zachary Gray Sound Designer


Anna Katharina Olthoff Producer
Pia Kleber Producer
Cat Owen Stage Manager
Jivesh Parasram Stage Manager
Zachary Gray Publicity
Zachary Gray Web Design