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Jivesh Parasram

Consultant, Creator, Designer, Director, Dramaturge, Editor, Graphic Designer, Performer, Playwright, Producer, Production Manager, Set Designer, Sound Designer, Stage Manager, Technician, Video

Assistant Director

Ali & Ali: The Deportation Hearings () Assistant Director

Associate Producer

The Emancipation of Ms. Lovely () Associate Producer


Daughter () Co-Creator
Daughter () Co-Creator


A Moment of Silence () Consultant


Take d Milk, Nah? () Creator
The Only Good Indian () Creator


The Only Good Indian () Project Design
Mahmoud () System Design


…And You’ll Never Believe What Happens Next () Director
Sound of the Beast () Director
Situational Anarchy () Director
They Say He Fell () Director
Birth () Director ("Part II: One of Your Own" , "Part III: Into the Abyss")


Chicho () Dramaturge
…And You’ll Never Believe What Happens Next () Dramaturge
Rootless () Dramaturge
Sound of the Beast () Dramaturge
Situational Anarchy () Dramaturge
They Say He Fell () Dramaturge


Birth () Editor ("Part III: Into the Abyss")

Graphic Designer

The Wanderers () Program Design
The Lost Sagas of Tjorvi the Flaccid () Publicity Designer


Take d Milk, Nah? () Performer
The Only Good Indian () Performer
The Washing Machine () Ram


Take d Milk, Nah? () Playwright
The Lost Sagas of Tjorvi the Flaccid () Playwright


Shove It Down My Throat () Producer
Take d Milk, Nah? () Producer
Daughter () Producer for Pandemic Theatre
Daughter () Producer
They Say He Fell () Producer
Mahmoud () Producer

Production Manager

The Double () Production Manager

Set Designer

Mahmoud () Set Designer

Sound Designer

Shove It Down My Throat () Sound Designer
They Say He Fell () Sound Designer

Stage Manager

Death Married My Daughter () Stage Manager
Ralph + Lina () Stage Manager
Business as Usual () Stage Manager
The Double () Stage Manager
The Misanthrope () Stage Manager


Served () Additional Tech


The Wanderers () Video