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Death Married My Daughter ()

Produced by

Play It Again Productions

Presented by

Why Not Theatre and Theatre Smith-Gilmour

Playwright: Michele Smith and Dean Gilmour and Danya Buonastella and Nina Gilmour
Directors: Dean Gilmour and Michele Smith


The Theatre Centre – BMO Incubator


April 17th, 2014 – May 18th, 2014


This bouffon-inspired satire resurrects Shakespeare’s Ophelia and Desdemona from exile in the swamps of death to expose their “abusers” and “murderers,” and to destroy – with delight – the established values of a ‘Man’s’ society. (


Nina Gilmour Performer
Danya Buonastella Performer

Creative Team

Michele Smith Playwright
Dean Gilmour Playwright
Danya Buonastella Playwright
Nina Gilmour Playwright
Dean Gilmour Director
Michele Smith Director
André Du Toit Lighting Designer
Raha Javanfar Associate Lighting Designer


Jivesh Parasram Stage Manager
Michelle Galuszka Production Manager
Alex Baczynskyj Assistant Stage Manager