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Shove It Down My Throat ()

Produced by

Buddies in Bad Times Theatre and Pandemic Theatre

Playwright: Johnnie Walker
Director: Tom Arthur Davis


The Alexander Street Chamber Theatre


March 30th, 2019 – April 14th, 2019


In 2013, Luke O’Donovan is arrested after a knife fight at a New Year’s party. The media portrays him as a maniac who went on a stabbing spree. Luke says he’s the victim of a queer-bashing, punished for fighting back. In 2014, theatre artist Johnnie Walker begins writing letters to Luke in prison and working on a new play.

A fierce and freewheeling exploration of a powerful true story, Shove It Down My Throat puts queerness, identity, and complicity through a theatrical kaleidoscope as Johnnie sifts through the different versions of Luke’s story — and the different versions of Luke — in search of the ever-elusive truth. (


Johnnie Walker Performer
Willard Gillard Performer
Kwaku Okyere Performer
Craig Pike Performer
Heath V. Salazar Performer
Anders Yates Performer

Creative Team

Johnnie Walker Playwright
Tom Arthur Davis Director
Anahita Dehbonehie Set Designer
Anahita Dehbonehie Costume Designer
Rebecca Vandevelde Lighting Designer
Jivesh Parasram Sound Designer
Rhiannon Collett Assistant Director


Waleed Ansari Stage Manager
Oz Weaver Production Manager
Chin Palipane Production Assistant
Tom Arthur Davis Producer
Jivesh Parasram Producer
Robin Luckwaldt Ross Fight Consultant
Vanessa Janiszewski Props Coordinator
Edith Nataprawira Head Scenic Painter
Dany Ko Scenic Painter
Riley Stefanescu Scenic Painter
Geoffrey Armour Crew
Wes Babcock Crew
Mike Dowdell Crew
Dana Kerr Crew
Sarah Mansikka Crew
Sebastian Marziali Crew
Joey Morin Crew
Aidan Shepherd Crew
Emily Tratnik Crew
David Fisher Crew


Amber Pattison Chamber Technician
Adrien Whan Technical Director
Charlotte Wilcox Director of Production