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Johnnie Walker

Johnnie Walker

Co-Artistic Producer, Director, Marketing, Performer, Playwright, Producer, Public Relations

Associate Producer

Deepest Darkest () Associate Producer


Blind to Happiness () Director
The Other Three Sisters () Director
A Maude-Lynne Evening () Director
Maude-Lynne Sells Out () Director


Scorch () Marketing


Shove It Down My Throat () Performer
Pressgang Storytelling () Performer
The Love Crimes of Frances Lark () Molly
Redheaded Stepchild () Performer
Amusement () Performer
Redheaded Stepchild () Nicholas
Redheaded Stepchild () Performer


Shove It Down My Throat () Playwright
Redheaded Stepchild () Playwright
Amusement () Playwright
Scheherazade () Playwright
The Other Three Sisters () Playwright
Redheaded Stepchild () Playwright
A Maude-Lynne Evening () Playwright
Redheaded Stepchild () Playwright
Maude-Lynne Sells Out () Playwright


A Quiet Sip of Coffee (or, This is Not the Play We've Written) () Producer
Tenderpits / Revenge of the Popinjay () Producer
El Camino or The Field of Stars () Producer

Public Relations

Scorch () Public Relations


Nobody’s Business Theatre Co-Artistic Producer