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Tom Arthur Davis

Artistic Director, Creator, Designer, Director, Dramaturge, Performer, Playwright, Producer, Publicist, Set Designer, Web Designer


Take d Milk, Nah? () Creator
The Only Good Indian () Creator


Five Fingers () Designer


Shove It Down My Throat () Director
Take d Milk, Nah? () Director
Two Truths and a Lie () Director
Situational Anarchy () Director
Served () Director
Mahmoud () Director
Amusement () Director
Elizabeth - Darcy () Director
You Can Sleep When You're Dead () Lead Director ("Little Sparrow" / "Speech")
Elizabeth - Darcy: An Adaptation of Pride and Prejudice () Director
Five Fingers () Director
Mahmoud () Director


…And You’ll Never Believe What Happens Next () Dramaturge
Take d Milk, Nah? () Dramaturge
Situational Anarchy () Dramaturge


The Only Good Indian () Performer
They Say He Fell () Chayyal / Ensemble
Birth () William / Andrew
The Lost Sagas of Tjorvi the Flaccid () Brother Henri


Mahmoud () Playwright
Birth () Playwright
Mahmoud () Playwright


Shove It Down My Throat () Producer
Take d Milk, Nah? () Producer
Daughter () Producer for Pandemic
Daughter () Producer
They Say He Fell () Producer
Birth () Producer


Vampire Lesbians of Sodom () Publicist

Set Designer

Mahmoud () Set Designer

Web Designer

This Wide Night () Website Design


Pandemic Theatre Artistic Director