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You Can Sleep When You’re Dead ()

Produced by

Campbell House and Theatre Lab

Creators: Omar Hady and Michael Orlando


Campbell House


October 24th, 2013 – October 31st, 2013


This show explores the sudden death or passing of a person with unresolved issues so powerful that they do not fully crossover to the other side. The Campbell House will play host to those ghostly bodies who have remained.

With contributions from incredible Canadian writers and Dora Award winners, the creative team will execute a truly unique site-specific theatrical experience. Each piece is set in a different time period. The audience will be able to roam through the various floors and rooms of the now haunted Campbell House museum. You may be witness to a live heart being ripped out from a chest at a wake, a brutal strangling occurring in the dining room, human remains being cooked in the kitchen, an invitation to a secret society, and an exorcism on the second floor. All the while ghosts roam the home and stalk those who explore. (


Karin Randoja Mother
Lea Russell Daughter
Thomas Gough Priest
Lesley Robertson Ellie Pool
Eduardo DiMartino Thurston Weir
Daniel de Pass Mr. Wood / Butcher
Erica Overholt Cook
Colin Edwards Meat
Patricia Pariselli Val
Andrew Young Gus
Roselie Williamson Tabatha
Jamie Sampson Catlyn
Talia DelCogliano Sophie
Michelle Urbano Lawyer 1
David Chinchilla Lawyer 2 / Other Man
Michael Luckett Man
Aaron Rothermund Ghost 1
Rob Feetham Ghost 2
En Lai Mah Ghost 3

Creative Team

Omar Hady Conceived and created by
Michael Orlando Conceived and created by
Glyn Bowerman Playwright ("Little Sparrow")
David James Brock Playwright ("Cook")
Omar Hady Playwright ("Demon Daughter Parts 1 and 2")
Graham Isador Playwright ("Speech")
Kat Sandler Playwright ("Will")
Tom Arthur Davis Lead Director ("Little Sparrow" / "Speech")
Omar Hady Lead Director ("Demon Daughters Part 1 and 2" / "Lead Director")
Michael Orlando Lead Director ("Cook" / "Will" / "Speech")
Emilyn Stam Musical Director
Tim Lindsay Sound Designer


Sigrid Velis Associate Producer
Sue Edworthy Publicist