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Sue Edworthy

Communications, Consultant, Marketing, Media, Producer, Public Relations, Publicist

Associate Producer

Skylight () Associate Producer
Pu-Erh () Associate Producer


The Events () Communications
Two Birds One Stone () Communications
My Funny Valentine () Planning & Communications


Dirty Butterfly () Marketing Consultant
Sister Mary's a Dyke?! () Communications Consultant
The Whipping Man () Consultant
Awake () Marketing Consultant
Dirty Butterfly () Marketing Consultant
Awake () Marketing Consultant


Confessions of An Operatic Mute () Marketing and PR Consultant
Pacamambo () Marketing
Release the Stars: The Ballad of Randy and Evi Quaid () Marketing and Communications
The Tin Drum () Marketing and Communications
Dinner at Seven-Thirty () Marketing and Communication
The Charge of the Expormidable Moose () Marketing
The Whipping Man () Marketing


Face Value: West () Media Contact


The Living () Producer
Forgiveness () Producer
It's Always You () Producer
Proud () Producer

Public Relations

DINK () Publicity/PR


THE BIG HOUSE () Publicist
A Better Place () Publicist
Dead End () Publicity
The Unbelievers () Publicist
The Stronger Variations () Publicity
The Assassination of Robert Ford: Dirty Little Coward () Publicity
Memento Mori () Publicist
A Spirit's Face () Publicity
Dirty Butterfly () Publicity
You Can Sleep When You're Dead () Publicist
Ching Chong Chinaman () Publicist

Social Media

Where's My Money? () Social Marketing