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A Spirit’s Face ()

Produced by

Spiderbones Performing Arts

Playwright: Jeff D’Hondt
Director: Ali Joy Richardson


Aki Studio


June 3rd, 2014 – June 14th, 2014


How screwed up can a social worker get? Can heartbreak be so painful that it changes our DNA? A Spirit’s Face removes the masks hiding our deepest scars, to answer these questions. Hunter Stowe, a gifted Aboriginal palliative care worker more comfortable with death than life, somehow connects with Jake Montour, a dorky Aboriginal addictions counsellor struggling with anxiety disorder. (


Madison Walsh Hunter
Cole Alvis Jake
Archer Pechawis Hunter's Father

Creative Team

Jeff D’Hondt Playwright
Ali Joy Richardson Director
Andy Moro Designer
Nick Potter Co-Sound Designer
Teodoro Dragonieri Mask Designer
Esther Dragonieri Assistant Mask Designer
Andrew Cheng Dramaturge


Austin Cole Stage Manager
Teodoro Dragonieri Mask Construction
Esther Dragonieri Assistant Mask Construction
Elizabeth Morris Deaf Community Consultant
Carmelle Cachero ASL Interpreter
Chris Desloges ASL Interpreter
Sue Edworthy Publicity
Adam Barrett Publicity
Jeff D’Hondt Producer